Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DialIdol “Definitively” Predicts a Winner

So, while the rest of us try to decide who we think is going to win this thing, DialIdol has “definitively” predicted a winner…

You may remember that is the site that offers speed dialing software to “Idol” fans, but it also measures busy signals to determine who will be eliminated each week and finally, who will win. Their theory is that the more busy signals, the more votes a contestant is getting.

This week’s DialIdol ratings show a large margin of victory for one of the Davids (40.93 to 29.37).

Here’s their prediction straight from their website:

“Let's be clear - DialIdol is definitively predicting that David _____ will win ‘American Idol.’ No ifs, ands or buts about it. No crazy margin of error claims or anything. The DialIdol scores are significantly different enough to wash all that out the window.”

So which David are they predicting? I’ll tell you…after the break.

Just kidding. We’ll get a lot of that tonight so I wanted to get you ready.

DialIdol is definitively predicting that David Cook will be our next “American Idol.”

Which leads me to a theory…

Was Simon trying to rally the Cook fans last night with his comments?

I have to admit that Simon left me a little confused. If he wanted Cook to win—as he told Jay Leno—then why would he be so unabashedly pulling for Archuleta? There’s no way Archie won round one last night.

But if my theory is right, then it would make a little more sense. Although I’m not sure that anything this show does makes sense any more…