Saturday, May 10, 2008

Big News: David A.'s Dad Banned!

So it looks like all that talk about David A.’s showbiz dad was true.

TMZ is reporting that David’s dad, Jeff, has been officially banned from being backstage at the show and from rooms where David is learning or rehearsing songs.

The report says that Jeff “has badgered producers, the band, vocal coaches and even other contestants.”

So what was the final straw that caused the ban?

Remember how I complimented David on his use of some lyrics from “Beautiful Girls” during “Stand By Me”? Apparently the producers didn’t share my enthusiasm.

According to TMZ, Jeff insisted on adding a verse from “Girls,” but producers sent him an e-mail telling him the lyrics couldn’t be changed. Apparently the change would create problems with the song’s publisher and cost “Idol” “a lot of money.”

Obviously, Jeff went against the producers, ticking them off and causing the ban. He will, however, be allowed to sit in the audience.

If this story is true--and we have no reason to believe that it isn’t--it confirms Simon’s earlier comments that David is not choosing his own songs or arrangements. It will be interesting to see what he does this week without his dad on the two songs that are not his choice.

I would also like to say that this story makes me sad, because David is a very talented kid and he deserves better than an overeager stage dad. How will Jeff act on the tour? Or even worse, when they try to record a CD?