Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DVD Review: "Season 6 Finale Performance Show--The Top 2"

So when I first heard about the release of a DVD of last year’s “Idol” final performance show, I was a little skeptical.

After all, I just didn’t think there were enough good moments to warrant a DVD.

But I’m happy to say that after watching “American Idol: Season 6 Finale Performance Show--The Top 2,” I was wrong.

There are several moments worth reliving--most of them coming from a swollen-nosed Paula. You may recall that Paula said she tripped over her dog and bruised her nose. Whatever happened, the loopiness was in full force. At one point, when Daughtry is taking the stage to sing “Home,” Paula yells, “Chris, I love you” right over Ryan’s intro like she doesn’t even know they’re on the air--a definite DVD moment.

There’s also Blake’s performance of “You Give Love a Bad Name,” which is always worth watching, and Jordin’s flawless “Broken Wing.”

But it was painful to see Blake struggle through “This Is My Now” again, although I still contend his verse was gorgeous. And it makes me wonder all over again why Blake was forced to sing the song back-to-back with Jordin (In light of recent events, I’m starting to think the producers were setting Blake up for a fall. His record company certainly has.).

The DVD also allows us to relive Jordin’s winning moment and her post-Idol crowning performance. And I shocked myself by actually tearing up during that dreadful song.

But in my defense, it wasn’t so bad in that moment. It’s when they try and translate it to anything else that it fails.

If you’re a Jordin fan, you’ll definitely want to have this one in your collection to relive her shining moment again and again.

But for the rest of us “Idol” fans, there’s the bonus disc. The featurette on Jordin doesn’t really deliver anything new, but the one on Blake shows some great stuff with Blake and Ryan at the Seattle auditions. You can tell that Ryan thought Blake was going to be a joke.

There are bloopers as well from last season’s contestants trying to tape their song intros and a few from Ryan. They’re nothing major, but some of them do give a little insight into the “Idol” process.

The real gem of this release is the “How to Audition for American Idol Guide.” I wouldn’t call it an actual how-to as much as it is just a great look at a lot of good stuff from last season that we didn’t get to see that illustrate certain qualities every “Idol” contestant must have. I love hearing Sanjaya tell us that stage presence is most important. It is what worked most for him after all.

But the best part is hearing Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe’s speech to the contestants. I thought I took this show seriously…

The one bad thing about the bonus disc is that all of the featurettes made me realize how much I missed group night this season (Bring it back!).

“The Top 2” is a DVD I would recommend to all “Idol” fans because it’s a chance to own a part of the show’s history.

I just hope this DVD isn’t the end. I would like to see DVDs of all the “Idol” finale performance shows both past and future. Think about it. Wouldn’t you like to relive Ruben vs. Clay? And how many of you out there even saw Kelly vs. Justin?

Trust me. She mopped the floor with him…

“American Idol: Season 6 Finale Performance Show--The Top 2,” from KOCH Vision, is available in stores now, just in time to get you geared up for another finale…
Photo provided by KOCH Vision