Saturday, May 3, 2008

Clay vs. Neil

As I pointed out last week, Clay’s CD is dropping the same day as Neil Diamond’s new album.

Personally, I think this was a bad error in judgment on someone’s part since I have to believe that Clay and Neil share some of the same fans. But I have no doubt that the Claymates will help Clay triumph.

In fact, my fiancé and I actually have a bet going on as to who will sell the most since he thinks Neil will definitely sell more.

Granted, I think the “Idol” appearance will help Neil, but I’ve got to think that since this is Clay’s first CD of original material since 2003 that the Claymates will rally.

In case you’re trying to figure out where to buy it, Wal-Mart will have an exclusive cover and an exclusive bonus track. You can get a poster of the CD cover by purchasing the CD at Kmart and if you pre-order the CD on iTunes, you can get an exclusive bonus track (Yes, it’s different than the one at Wal-Mart.)…