Saturday, May 3, 2008

What Should They Sing?

So, this week’s theme is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since I presume that means songs by artists in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I checked out the list of inductees and came up with some choices for each contestant.

But before we do that, let me tell you that I am totally opposed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and everything it stands for until Daryl Hall and John Oates receive their rightful place in it.

With that commentary out of the way, let me get to my choices…

I think that once the word leaks out that Jason Castro is ready to go home, he could be in some trouble this week. But if he decides to rally, this could be a strong week for him since he might have a lot of great choices--if the show doesn’t just go by a set list. My picks for Jason would be “Pink Houses” or “Jack and Diane” from John Mellencamp and for his second song, I would do a stripped down version of REM’s “Losing My Religion.”

I’m not sure it really matters what David Archuleta sings but I think he could pull out the cute card and get all the girls screaming--even more than usual--with The Temptations’ “My Girl.” For his second number, I think he should go for broke and rip out Simon’s favorite song, The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody,” although I don’t think he could hit that big note so he’d need to tweak it a little. has subbed Syesha “the Rodney Dangerfield” of the competition so I say she should take that literally and do Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” (She ripped out “Chain of Fools” in Hollywood.). Then, she should go funky with Prince’s “Kiss.”

I’m not sure it really matters what David Cook does either since I will love it no matter what, but I would really like to hear him do some Prince (If Prince will change his recent ways and clear something besides “Kiss.”) like “When Doves Cry.” For his second song, I would go with either Bruce Springsteen‘s “Dancing In the Dark,” which I know he could totally revamp, or The Rolling Stones‘ “Paint It Black.”

What would you like to hear the final four do?…