Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jason Sets the Record Straight

Remember last week when I told you about Jason Castro’s comment to “Entertainment Weekly” about being ready to go home? Well, apparently that comment riled up a lot of his fans.

But they weren’t riled up at him. They got riled up at “Entertainment Weekly,” sending e-mails to the magazine, calling the article’s author, Jessica Shaw, a liar.

So when Shaw talked to Castro on Thursday, she gave him a chance to set the record straight about that and a lot of other things…

Jason said that he was in a bad mood the day he spoke with Shaw and he “couldn’t focus” when they were talking, but he admitted he did say it.

So was Jason trying to sabotage himself? He said no, he did not want to go home. Many people thought Jason was mouthing “Don’t vote” when Ryan read off his phone numbers, but Jason told that he was saying vote “twice to emphasize it” and it looked like “Don’t vote.”

And as for the constant yawning, Jason told that he is “a chronic yawner. Every week before my song, I’m yawning and I don’t know where it comes from, or why.” However, Jason did admit to, that he was “reaching the point where [he] couldn’t do it anymore.”

But Jason added that he “was as happy getting voted off as [he] was to make it to the top 24” because he was “freaking out” about doing three songs next week.

By the way, when Jason sang his goodbye song, “I Shot the Sheriff,” he forgot the lyrics and didn’t even finish the song. We didn’t see it because the credits had already rolled…