Saturday, May 10, 2008

Will Ryan Be the Next Larry King This Year?

MSNBC “The Scoop” columnist Courtney Hazlett reported last week that Ryan Seacrest will be taking over for Larry King by the end of the year.

She posted that a source from CNN says Ryan is in “serious negotiations” to take over “Larry King Live.” In April 2007, King told “The New York Times” that Ryan would be his first choice to take over for him. However, King just signed a contract that would keep him on the show until 2011.

Ryan’s rep said they had no comment and another source from CNN said “there is no truth to this story.”

So what is going on here? First Hazlett reports that Ryan’s days at “Idol” might be numbered and then she reports this? Is someone feeding her information to further some agenda, a la Jay Leno’s manager trying to get him “The Tonight Show”?

And you know I love Ryan, but I just can’t see him discussing serious news . I mean, could you see him talking to Barack Obama about his energy policy?

Stay tuned on this one…