Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stop the Insanity: The Songwriting Competition

So, if this thing does come down to a David vs. David deal as it appears to be headed toward--barring a Chris Daughtry-type shocker--the winner could come down to one thing--that dreaded “Idol” single.

You would think after the critical drubbing and lack of airplay and sales that “This Is My Now” got that the producers would have learned their lesson. But no, the Songwriting Competition is back for another year.

And if you’re hoping that this year’s winner will be a better song, you may need to just keep hoping, because I‘ve got a bad feeling we‘ll get saddled with another dud…

Here is my scoring of the 20 finalists in this year’s Songwriting Competition…

“You Believe In Me”: 7 (out of 10)
Some of the lyrics are “no star too high, no river too wide”

“You Can Do Anything”: 2
Some of the lyrics are “anchor of truth,” “destiny’s call,” and “go for the gold.” It actually reminds me of the Olympics. Of course, my low score probably guarantees it will be the winner’s single.

“Align”: 10
This is a good catchy, slow rocker that I can hear David Cook singing, but since it isn’t about pots of gold and all that fuzzy stuff, it’s got no chance of winning.

“Stronger”: 8
It has a decent country sound but it’s not warm and fuzzy enough to win.

“We’re Gonna Make It”: 5
A dull love song

“Believe”: 10
If we have to have an inspirational song, this one has potential. It’s an R&B song custom-made for David A.

“Dream Big” 8
Another country song

“No Turning Back”: 9
This would make a good single with its Maroon 5 sound, but it’s not what the show is looking for.

“Faith”: 6
This one’s too slow.

“Here I Am”: 10
Here’s another one custom-made for David A., it’s just missing a catchy chorus. Some of the lyrics are “arms open wide, nothing left to hide.”

“Fly Me Away”: 2
This one’s a complete mess.

“Something Like Heaven”: 7
This one has a good beat, but it’s got a rough chorus.

“When You Come From Nothing”: 7
A totally country song

“The Time of My Life”: 9
This one could work for David C. and it does have some inspirational lyrics like “take every moment.” Plus, it has a catchy chorus.

“Only Love”: 5
This one’s got a bit of a John Mayer sound.

“Overcome”: 6
This one sounds a little like Collective Soul.

“All You Will Need”: 4
It strives for the Pretenders, but fails.

“In This Moment”: 6
This sounds like a Simple Plan ballad.

“Thank You Whatever Comes”: 4
A cheesy love song.

“You Believed In Me”: 5
Another--not as successful--Simple Plan sounding ballad.

As you can see, there are some possibilities here, but since I tend to wonder just how much the voting actually plays into the song selection, I’m afraid the inspirational duds will win out.

Which leads me to an important question. Why does the winner’s song have to be about dreams and love and inspiration? Why can’t it just be a good strong song?

Are you telling me that Ryan Tedder couldn’t whip up something for the winner?
And what about you guys? Did any of you out there vote?

Or are you like me and believe that if the producers have their heart set on rainbows and destinies there’s not a darn thing we can do about it?…